3 Stars

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(Home Games only)

Standings Breakdown:

1st Star= 3 points

2nd Star= 2 points

3rd Star- 1 point

As of October 20th, 2014.

Player 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star Points
Tyson Jost 2 6
Liam Finlay 1 3
Josh Laframboise 1 3
Dante Fabbro 1 1 3
Riley Alferd 1 2
Steen Cooper 1 2
Mike Lee 1 1
Brendan Barry
Gabe Bast
Connor Russell
Miles Gendron
Patrick Newell
Matt Serratore
Jack Ramsey
Cody DePourcq
Demico Hannoun
Jarod Hilderman
Mitch Newsome
Hunter Miska
Patrick Sexton
Cam Amantea
Lewis Zerter-Gossage

3 Responses to 3 Stars

  1. david Falls (volunteer) says:

    They are alll Number 1 stars in my book

  2. Carolyn Kinred says:

    Cam Amantea got 2nd star in Port Alberni where he scored 2 goals. Not reflected here.

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