Bryan Sinz is somewhere in that pile

Bryan Sinz is somewhere in that pile


Game Story 

  • Let me start off by saying what a valiant effort by the Powell River Kings tonight. Due to injuries and suspensions, they only had nine forwards and 16 skaters against the Vees. However, watching the first 40 minutes of Friday’s game you wouldn’t have thought they were the team playing with a short bench.
  • Another statement: Good teams find ways to win. Period. Yes, the Vees were pretty lousy by their own admission for the first two periods. BUT, they pulled it  together in the third and then dominated overtime.
  • Concerning was the Vees start, as they came in a day early, practiced this morning and had plenty of time to be ready for this one. They weren’t. Is this team better with a heavy workload? It just seems like the more this team plays, especially more than once in a weekend, the better they play. It  seems extended time off isn’t necessarily a good thing. Here’s hoping that holds weight over the next 48 hours.
  • That first 10 minutes of the first period was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie; scary. The Vees couldn’t string together two consecutive passes if their season depended on it. Fast-forward to the third and it was a completely different story. I don’t know how you sit down and try to watch video on this one, as you would feel like your watching two completely different games.
  • Fred Harbinson won’t want the one minute commercial timeouts ending anytime soon. In each of the three periods, after the one minute timeout, the Vees came out with a real purpose and played good hockey. In the first, they scored two late goals, one short-handed. In the second they had a good push to end the period. In the third they really stepped on the gas and finally got the equalizer. Fred was giving it to his players in those timeouts but they deserved it and almost welcomed it as a kick in the rear-end.
  • Fred Harbinson now is the all-time leader in Penticton Vees franchise wins with 243. Take a bow. 
  • In five and a half seasons he has won two Fred Page Cups, a Doyle Cup and an RBC Cup, and now is the winningest coach in franchise history. What’s next?
  • What a goal at the end of the first period by the Vees captain. Short-handed, he goes wide down the right-wing, head-fakes the defender, toe-drags at the goal-line and goes “bunk” on Jonah Imoo short-side. BUT he’s not good enough to be in the top 200 skaters for the NHL Central Scouting Midterm rankings. Comical.
  • From Alex Rawnley’s superb Kings Blog: “Let’s talk about ‘that goal’. The JP Villeneuve chance that was waved off. Initial thoughts from the box was that it was waved off because the net was off. Neither Andy or I could figure out why the play was dead. 2nd thought was the ref lost the puck, which was confirmed in talking with Chad Van Diemen after the game, as well as a few of the players. JP Villeneuve told me the whistle was blown as the puck was in the air and crossing the goal line. Obviously pretty disappointing.” Sorry but I saw the Ref blow the whistle before Villeneuve had released the puck off his stick. From my spot, even with all the noise, the whistle had gone clearly before the puck was even near the net. But its great blogger debate 😉
  • If you’re going to write about that disallowed goal, then why not mention the fact the Vees had a goal waved off the exact same way minutes earlier? Remember when John Siemer had his pass trickle over to Sam Mellor who thought he scored but Referee Scott Brown blew the play dead? Umm it goes both ways…
  • The refereeing was, well, interesting but not one sided. The Kings fans that I was conversing with after were saying that the Ref didn’t do them any favours and they were jobbed. So what about that power-play with three minutes left? Or that you actually had four power-plays to the Vees three? Again it goes BOTH ways and calls were missed on both sides.
  • Actually I thought the Kings got off quite lucky. The amount of interference they ran tonight was staggering. They continually were holding up Vees forwards, grabbing on, hanging on or rubbing them out with the puck nowhere near the play. Hey, they were short-staffed and needed to play that way I suppose. They got away with plenty of stick work in the back, punches to the heads behind the play. I am not whining, I don’t really care that much, as it  led to some fire-wagon hockey. Hey, I know the Vees aren’t angles either but the Kings can’t go and point fingers at the ref. Sorry.
  • Chad Katunar got the win in his first came since December 29th but was looking rusty by his standards. Hey, good for him to get that win in his first game back. But he will only get better has he gets back into a routine.
  • Great to see such a strong special-teams performance from the Vees. 1-3 on the power-play and 4-4 on the PK with a short-handed; +1 in that category against the league’s fourth best power-play.
  • JP Villeneuve is a heck of a hockey player and his line with Drew Dorantes and Matt Dupont were a handful. The three were dangerous all night and if they stay together, will be a problem for the rest of the Island Division.
  • Solid outing by former Vee Noah Henry against his former Team. I liked him on the power-play, he was physical and didn’t really make any bad turnovers. Glad to see he is thriving in PR.
  • Just the third win for the Vees when trailing after two periods. Character.
  • Stecher, including tonight, has points in six of his last seven games; three goals and nine points to be exact.
  • Know who else is heating up? Brad McClure. He has five goals in his last six games and points in six straight.
  • The “Dog Pound” awaits the Vees tomorrow, as they face the high-flying Alberni Valley Bulldogs. The ‘Dawgs are coming off a dramatic overtime win at home on Wednesday and are sitting third in the Island Division.



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2 Responses to Uh..So..That..Happened

  1. boooo says:

    Do you ever get tired of being biased towards your own team? Are the power plays supposed to be even every game? Maybe you should see the game without your rose coloured glasses. Once a homer always a homer I guess. You were the same when you were on the island. Blah Blah Blah.

    • frodgers says:

      First, thanks for taking time to read the blog. Second, nice fake name and email. Can’t take you seriously when your name is “boo”. Please. Third, maybe take some time out of your trolling schedule and rewatch the tape. Finally for a guy who constantly gets blasted for being “too negative” about his own team, I love the “homer” comment.

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