Three Stars: GM 50 (7-1 W)

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Two Vees get a monkey off their back. Nic Renyard continues his mastery of the Caps. Too much firepower. Hey, the power-play was clicking. Complete 60.

Three Stars

1. Turning the Page: The Vees didn’t let Saturday’s loss affect them Sunday. It would be easy for the Vees to stew over how things went down Saturday. Two disallowed GOALS, an odd short-handed goal against and some thuggery at the end. BUT this team was ready for Sunday and they showed it early. Great pace off the start, as they were attacking the Caps early and often and establish their presence in the offensive end.

The first goal came off some good work along the boards by Wade Murphy, Jedd Soleway and Louie Nanne. Murphy spun the puck behind the net and Soleway dished it out front back to Murphy. Point being is the Vees were much stronger on the wall early tonight.

No the Capitals aren’t the Centennials but there is something to be said about how little the Vees were in their zone. They were quick and efficient with their transition  game and were sharp on their outlet passes.

I can go on and on about what they did right but that’s the point, the list was LONG and not short today. They wanted this win, they wanted the points and they didn’t care where the Capitals sat in the standings. I kind of feel for the Caps, as they were a team in the wrong place at the wrong time so to speak. Hey, they didn’t quit but were clearly over matched by a team that was angry and out to prove something.

There was no hangover on this afternoon, as the Vees played how they wanted to play from the opening puck drop to the final buzzer.

2. Get That Monkey off my Back: That’s what John Siemer said last night and that’s Wade Murphy and Brad McClure did this afternoon. Both Murphy and McClure scored their first goals in four games.

Murphy finished with two…er. two and a half goals today and three points (he DID score in the third but “no one” saw it). McClure’s stat line was flipped around, as he scored and had two helpers. Trevor Miller and myself are in charge of the Three Stars and we gave McClure the Energy Player of the Game. He was fully deserving, as he was flying up and down the ice, had at least five shots on net, a couple of quality looks, and was great on the penalty-kill.

Murphy was one of the Vees best last night and was unlucky not to have scored. It seems the closer we get to the playoffs, the better he plays. He was again dominant today against Cowichan. It’s not fancy but just strong work from Murphy, who uses his size and strength to make plays happen again and again. He’s so strong on the puck and defenders really struggle to knock him off of it.

So Siemer scored last night, now Murphy and McClure get in on the act tonight. Hopefully the three can start to really heat-up heading into the playoffs.

3. What Power Outage: Ok I need to retract my power-play rant in my game preview. It was one game, a small sample size but boy did the man-advantage show   off tonight.Two goals on three chances and it really didn’t take them that long to get things going.

Last night the power-play was up and down, as it looked great at times and also looked disjointed at times. Not the case Sunday, as there was a real sense of urgency with the power-play. John Siemer threaded the needle to Jedd Soleway on a great pass from the corner, and Travis Blanleil had a well-placed shot at the end of the game for the Vees seventh.

The power-play looked good as the Vees pushed the pace, were quick with their decisions and crisp with their passes. There wasn’t any second guessing and the puck movement was second to none. URGENCY is the key word going forward.


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