What “EVER” It Takes

Fred Harbinson speaking at Thursday's Press Conference

Fred Harbinson speaking at Thursday’s Press Conference


President, General Manager and Head Coach Fred Harbinson introduced a new season ticket program Thursday. Under the new team slogan of “What EVER It Takes” the Vees announced three pricing structures for seasons tickets for the 2013-14 season; designed to make watching Vees hockey as affordable as possible.

The link above has the complete breakdown of pricing structure, payment plans and what you’re saving with this innovative program. This new campaign will commence over a 30 day period, starting on Monday, July 15th with the deadline Thursday, August 15th.


Quick Hits:

  • Prices are set a three levels, ranging from $149 to $199. Prices are based on colour-coded sections. Prices determined much like an NHL rink would lay out their seating chart.
  • Most desired seats (labeled white), behind the benches and between the blue-lines are set at $199.
  • End zone seats (labeled blue), behind the Vees net they defend in the first and third period is set a $149.
  • Two sections behind the benches but on the outside of the blue-lines (labeled green) are set at $169.
  • For the first time, the team has introduced a payment plan for would be buyers. Initial 25 percent deposit is required upon completion of application, but buyer can have the option of paying the remaining balance over three equal payments; each payment is within a 30 day billing period.
  • For example, if you were to purchase a $149 (blue) package, you’re only required to put down $37.25. That’s it. The rest can be paid over a three month billing period. That deposit is cheaper than gassing up your car (mine anyways), going out for dinner or even a night out at the movies with the family.
  • The Vees are wanting to see more minor hockey players at Vees games. All players registered with the Penticton Minor Hockey Association, will receive a free season’s pass, if their parent(s) buy a season ticket. Single parent families only need to buy a one season ticket.
  • If a family has one or seven children in PMHA, they will get a free season pass as long as their parent(s) buy a season ticket(s)
  • If you’re already a season ticket holder, you still get priority seating, as we will hold your seat from last season.
  • If you have already put down a deposit prior to today’s announcement, we will calculate your remaining balance and notify you.
  • Remember, this sale only runs from July 15th-Aug 15th, after that regular season ticket prices from last season apply ($371).
  • Don’t miss out!




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Director of Broadcasting & Communication for the Penticton Vees
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