Now For the Real Thing

Game Story

It’s pre-season after all, so lets not get too carried away but what the Vees accomplished is still impressive. Undefeated in five games, 3-0 at home and only five goals against in as many games. Their 3-0-2 records looks great but quiz the average fan about their pre-season record in January and see what you can up with; I bet a lot of blank stares.

However, the Vees showed well, considering they just finished a stretch of five games in six days. There were a lot of positives to take away from pre-season and stuff that can be transferred to the regular season which starts next Friday at the Showcase in Chilliwack.

Game Thoughts:

  • The first period had little to no “exhibition” feel to it. Bryden Marsh and Jake Berezan each were ejected in the opening period for what can be described as  dangerous hits. Marsh got Brad McClure in an awkward spot along the boards but Berezan’s hit on Alex Coulombe behind the Vees goal would make anyone cringe. I just don’t understand the thought process going into the Berezan hit on Coulombe. The player had his back turned, the fore-checker made a b-line for Coloumbe, didn’t break stride and got him squarely in the numbers. Luckily, Coulombe is made of rubber as he did come out and play in the second.
  • Outside of the two notable plays, there was quite a bit of bumping, shoving and chirping going on after every play at either end of the ice. Both teams were taking the puck to the net hard and upset players on both sides let it be known they weren’t happy. This had a more late season feel to it rather than a late August exhibition game.
  • The Vees were much sharper tonight, as it was clear they cured or looked close to curing what plagued them the night before in Salmon Arm. Starting with their play in their zone, the Vees were harder to play against than the previous night. The defense did a great job of using their size to their advantage to thwart the Silverback attack for the majority of the night.
  • Lost in all the fireworks was the tidy performance by Hunter Miska in-goal for the Vees. Miska saw the puck well and didn’t give up any juicy rebounds in prime scoring areas. It’s hard to come in and play goal after Mantha’s display on Friday but Miska kept it simple and it paid off.
  • Matt Serratore and Cody DePourcq looked to be developing chemistry quickly while on a line together tonight. The two were excellent down low and in the transition game. Serratore looks like a real intelligent player on the ice.
  • Max Coatta, Jack Ramsey and Anthony Conti were another trio that had something going tonight. The three played well down low, Ramsey and Conti used their size to their advantage by leaning on defenders during the fore-check; pressure results in turnovers, which translate into scoring chances.
  • The back-end and the entire team in general did a much better job in paying attention to the details. Can’t say enough good things about the defensive play; just five goals against in as many games.
  • Not sure if there is some mock pre-season trophy but give this team credit for their attitude and work ethic

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Director of Broadcasting & Communication for the Penticton Vees
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