GM #15 Post-Game: What The Heck? A Tie?

He was stellar tonight / Photo: Cherie Morgan Photography

He was stellar tonight / Photo: Cherie Morgan Photography

Game Story


Langley Rivermen Video Highlights/ Post-Game Recap

  • First time since February 18th, 2011 a Vees game has ended in a tie. That’s 970 days, 131 games, and nearly three years ago. On that night the Vees tied the Prince George Spruce Kings 2-2.
  • I’m glad there isn’t a shootout in the BCHL. It was perfect how it ended. Besides, if two teams can’t produce a winner after five minutes of three-on-three, then you should just walk away with a point.
  • Both goaltenders were fantastic on Saturday. Hunter Miska stopped 36 of 37 and was brilliant during a key five-on-three kill early in the third; he made two PAD STACKS. PAD STACKS!! saves during that kill. He wasn’t done there, as he can hear above, he robbed the Riv’ of what appeared to be two game-winners in the last half-minute of tonight’s game. He robbed Mitch McLain right in front of the net and then at the buzzer threw out a huge pad save on Jakob Reichert to preserve the tie.
  • Not the Steve Myland I rememeber. Myland, the former Warriors backup, stopped 44 of 45 shots and was stellar as well. He battled in the crease all night long; he didn’t make it look pretty at times but got the job done. A
    feel good story, after he was caught in a numbers game in West Kelowna. Signed by the Rivermen after James Barr was shelved with an injury. An older goalie who was looking for a home and seems to have found it.
  • Special teams were a factor again for the third straight night. At this level they’re always going to play a part in any game but it was the main story line once again. The Vees power-play was oh for on seven tries and the only goal against was a short-handed marker. On paper, that stings. Despite the power-play not producing a goal, I thought it looked relatively good. The Vees had a lot of looks, A LOT of shot attempts and plenty of possession. The only thing they didn’t do was score. There was a new wrinkle with the PP unit, as we saw Ben Dalpe man the point on one of the two units. I liked him back there with Brett Beauvais. Now Dalpe was involved in the goal against but that’s from unfamiliarity with playing that position.  He came back to earn the Vees a point with his goal in the third. He was also great in the circle and I thought one of the better Vees.
  • The first was serviceable road effort by the Vees, out shooting the Rivermen 8-7.  They had some trouble with the Langley fore-check pressure in the early going but made adjustments accordingly as the game moved into the second and third. I didn’t like the second period though, as I thought the team got away from their game plan and started to slow. Playing the second half of the back to back and the wall pops up in the second. Langley had a bit more pressure but spent the majority of the period in the penalty-box. A frustrating period for the Vees as they could have blown the game wide open if they got the power-play rolling. The third was the Vees best period, a simpler approach, as they didn’t hang on to the puck too long. Quick passes and a quick transition game helped them get back on level terms.
  • Outside of Hunter Miska, Brett Beauvais was the Vees best player. Likely played somewhere between 30-35 minutes maybe even more tonight. He was so dangerous in the offensive zone, as he danced right down to the goal-line on more than one occasion.  Such a smooth skater and three-on-three overtime is tailored towards players like him.
  • I also liked Riley Alferd’s game tonight, though he is still searching for his first BCHL goal. He had lots of jump and used that speed on more than one occasion to create a scoring chance. Know who he reminds me of? Mason Raymond. The 25-goal Raymond from the 2010 season. Not the Raymond who couldn’t stay on his feet. Alferd has a similar stature when he skates, and like Raymond, likes to use his speed and beat defenders wide. He had a great chance in overtime too but just got too in-tight to make a real play.
  • Paddy Sexton might have helped push the Vees in the right direction with his scrap with Nathan Craft. The Vees were struggling in that middle period up until Craft caught a piece of Miska after he was stopped on a deke. Sexton didn’t take too kindly to his goalie being knocked down and went after Craft and his impeccable beard (look it up; impressive). Sexton fed Craft with a steady diet of right hands before the Langley forward had enough and went down to both knees. A sign of a close-knit team that sticks up for one another but that scrap also gave the Vees some juice, when they didn’t have much.
  • Jakob Reichert was good for Langley as he had what seemed to be a baker’s dozen of scoring chances tonight; used his size to create space for himself. Another big body that was on his game was Matt Ustaski, like Reichert, another big frame that was hard to take off the puck.
  • Those two were great but hands down the best player for the Riv’ and the best in the game alongside Brett Beauvais, had to be Viktor Dombrovskiy. The smoothing-skating rear-guard played a tonne and was all over the place tonight. His skating blew me away and his vision to make slight moves to get away from pressure. How he only has four assists is beyond me; a shoe-in for Team Canada West.
  • Looking at the big picture, eight out of a possible 10 points in the last two weeks, with the Vees schedule, is a great accomplishment. Tonight’s point pushed the Vees into sole possession of first place overall in the BCHL. They went 3-0-1-1 in their last five games against PG, Powell River, Merritt, West Kelowna and Langley. Not bad at all.

Vees 3 Best:

  1. Hunter Miska
  2. Brett Beauvais
  3. Alferd

Langley 3 Best:

  1. Steve Myland
  2. Jakob Reichert
  3. Viktor Dombrovskiy

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