Post-Game: GM #36 The Streak Ends at Eight

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Ben Dalpe 1st Intermission Feature (From the Team 1410 BCHL This Week show)

Matt Serratore 2nd Intermission Feature

  • The winning streak ends at eight, as the Warriors hand the Vees their first loss of December; now 7-1-0. Also their four-game home-ice winning streak comes to an end. Tonight was the first time in 11 games the Vees were held to just a single goal.
  • I mentioned in my preview this time last year, the Vees had a stinker against the Warriors. Last year it was post-Christmas, the Vees first game back after the break and they were playing the Tribe at home, the first of a home-and-home (sound familiar?).They lost 5-2. That effort evoked the famous “Butterball and Budweiser” remark from Coach, when he was asked his thoughts on that game. Similar story tonight, as the Vees didn’t match the effort that coincided with the eight-game win streak.
  • Hey, Coach said it himself during the second Intermission, when he did his in-house bench interview. When asked about the three-goal second period by the Warriors, he said they were way too soft and it was one of their worst (periods) at home this season; I’ll second that. All three goals against, all three in one period, were goals no less than four feet from the net. The Vees were way too easy to play against in their own end during that second period. Guys were lost in coverage, they failed to pickup Warriors forwards and didn’t make any Warriors really pay a price for being in the “house.”
  • On the first goal against, Carl Hesler was allowed to camp out front and then he beat two guys to a rebound in the slot. Yes, it wasn’t a good rebound given up but Hesler can’t be left alone in front. The second was along the same lines, a dump-in that the Warriors got to first and then again, a case of the Vees defenders losing their marks in front. Brett Mennear got to the puck first, then quickly spotted an open Adam Osczevski at the post. The Tribe were only playing 11 forwards and Mennear and Osczevski were penciled in as their 10th and 11th forwards. Good for those two but that hurts big time. Same old story on the third goal against, as Hesler was allowed to be the first guy to a loose puck in the crease after another scramble. It was just two easy for the Warriors in the Vees zone and that’s something I haven’t said during this season series; hence why were talking about the Vees first loss to West-K.
  • On the flip-side, credit the Warriors for rolling up their sleeves and going to work on Friday. None of their goals were pretty but pretty doesn’t count in the standings. Their forwards went to the dirty areas and were rewarded three separate times. It wasn’t an overly complicated game plan by any means. They wanted to use their speed on the fore-check and did. They wanted to win races for pucks and battles down low; they did that. It was a simple game from the Tribe but they stuck to their guns and went home with two points. As the saying goes, “Hard-work beats talent, if talent is hardly working.” I think that’s right…
  • Frustrating night in general, as the Vees biggest weapon this season has been their work ethic. Their entire identity is built around it. This team’s skill has been shining through lately but for the majority of the season, in order to be successful, they have relied on their work ethic and compete level; both of those failed them tonight. Hey, it happens, it’s a looong season and tonight might just be a blip on the radar. It’s up to them to make sure it is and doesn’t fester into something more.
  • I asked and wrote about it and the team spoke about themselves, how they were not going to let the looming Christmas break become a distraction; it looked like it was. The guys didn’t seem as focused as they were in the last three weeks. Plenty of little mistakes were made, mental errors and poor decision-making that we haven’t seen from this team for quite some time. The beauty is they get to rebound tomorrow and get to do it against the team that they just played.
  • It stings that much more, not only losing to a Divisional rival but losing your last home game of 2013; the Vees won’t play at home again until January 5th. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth but the Vees will need to channel that tomorrow and exact some revenge.
  • I’m not going to go into much more detail than that. Assistant Coach Mike Hengen kept it brief in the post-game show. He said it came down to their compete level / their work ethic and it wasn’t where it should have been. Now their fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go right back at the Warriors tomorrow; no one wants to go into the Christmas break on a losing note.
  • Lots of controversy surrounding the Vees disallowed goal in the third. My take? It wasn’t and was the right call; stay with me. Max Coatta starts the whole circus, when he lets-go a wrist-shot from the circle. The puck looked to have gone off of Cam Amantea’s skate as it was going to the net. It (the puck) changed direction, going through Andy Desautels legs and was headed across the goal-line. Ben Tegtmeyer reached back and APPEARED to sweep it off the goal-line. Looking at the overhead replay, the puck goes across the goal-line; there’s white between the puck and red stripe. So, the ref emphatically waves-off that initial carom but the PLAY WAS STILL LIVE. During the commotion, the puck came to Coatta, who fired it in (not with any of his skates) and the video backs me up on this (WATCH DISALLOWED GOAL  HERE). The initial Amantea deflection just went across the line but that was waved-off. We play on and Coatta, following up to his original shot, finds the puck in the crease. Tegtmeyer just before that knees the puck back out into the crease, where Coatta picks it up, shoots it OFF TEGTMEYER’S LEG and in. I can live with the Ref(s) waving-off Amantea’s chance BUT the Coatta came in, grabbed the rebound and shot it off an opposing player and in. Ugh. Whatever.
  • The Vees need to be better. A whole lot better tomorrow.

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