Curtain Call with the Captain

Brad McClure Interview:

I spoke with outgoing Vees Captain Brad McClure late last week before he left Penticton for his home in Stratford, Ontario. The 20-year-old will go home for a couple of months before starting a summer semester at Minnesota State, Mankato in July.

McClure and I chatted about his two seasons in Penticton, his fondest memories and just his overall impression of the city he called home for the last two years. This interview was done the day he came in to clean out his stall in the Vees dressing room, and he was a tad emotional at the start; can’t blame the guy. We chatted for eight minutes, which only felt like two and when you listen to the interview, you really get the sense of how much he cared about the Vees, their fans and the city.

From a personal standpoint, you don’t try to have “favourites” when you cover a team but it’s hard not to root for McClure. Like many Vees Captains before him, he wore the “C” with pride and really embraced the role as the “Face of the Franchise.” He was loved by his teammates and respected by his opponents. What can you say about 89? He had 41 goals this year and I have never seen one player score more clutch goals then he did. I don’t know if there is a player that had fans on the edge of their seat more than McClure.

For all his accolades and on-ice success, what I will miss most is just having Brad around the rink. He handled ALL my media requests with class and never got grumpy when speaking with the local media on a daily basis, win or lose. He took part in more photo ops than any other Vees, outside of Cody DePourcq, and always had time for fans. Always.

McClure will no doubt be missed by many in Penticton but that’s what happens when you get to see special players come through a program.

Best of luck, “Captain Clutch.”


About CBeauchemin

Director of Broadcasting & Communication for the Penticton Vees
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