Miska’s Hidden Talent

Via his Twitter account, Vees goaltender Hunter Miska showed his mask design for the upcoming 2014-2015 season, and what’s more impressive than the design,  is the fact he painted it himself. Now, airbrushing runs in his family, as his dad Todd Miska is a professional mask painter who has an arsenal of NHL clients.

Last year Miska painted parts of his mask with the help of his dad but this off-season the puck-stopper took on this project and man, the results are eye-popping. The attention to detail is impressive. As you can see above, his mask has a ice-age /winte theme to it, with mountains and cracking ice and even snowflakes falling down each side. He’s got his trademark “MISKA” on his chin, with the Vees logo on one side and has an American and Canadian flag somewhat hidden underneath the cracking ice on the other side.

On the top of the helmet, the ice breaks away, revealing the night’s sky and his trademark shooting stars. There’s also a quote on the top that reads, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them.”

As mentioned, this was Hunter’s first mask he painted entirely on his own and he says it was a bit nerve-racking with his dad overseeing the process,“I felt like a passenger taking over a jetliner and having the radio control tower (my dad) guiding me in for the landing.” A bit tongue-in-cheek but he says the process made him appreciate his dad’s work that much more, “It was tough, he made me paint it myself so I could see how hard it actually was.

I can’t wait to see the mask in action come the fall.



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