Interior Final: GM 2 Preview (Series 1-0 Vees)


What to Watch For:


  1. Hold Court: The Vees have an opportunity to sweep the weekend and take a 2-0 series lead on home ice. That would be huge to take a two-oh series lead back to Vernon and have the pressure on the Vipers; though the saying goes you’re not in trouble until you lose on home ice. A 1-1 split isn’t the end of the world but getting a two-game lead puts the pressure on Vernon to produce at home. The trouble last year in the Interior Final was the Vees struggles at home. They lost game one, five and seven at home, only winning once at the SOEC in that series. They worked hard for home-ice advantage and now need to reap the benefits. I don’t want to say your “playing with house money” with a 2-0 series lead but the pressure is off your shoulders going into games three and four. The Vees need to take care of business on home ice.
  2. Quick on the Draw: The Vees need to find a way to holster the six-shooter of Texan Thomas Aldworth. The Vipers leading goal-scorer in the regular season scored twice in game one and almost won it at the end of the third; cross-bar saved the day. That Vipers top-line is lethal with Liam Coughlin and TJ Dumonceaux alongside Aldworth. Aldworth and Dumonceaux bring a lot of speed and the Vees will need to find a way to keep those two at bay. Coughlin I thought had one of his better games this year against Penticton and the big man is a handful. Whatever line is matched up with that Vernon trio, they’ll need to find a way to negate their speed and keep them off the scoresheet.
  3. Playing Ahead, Staying Ahead: The Vees haven’t had trouble scoring first and getting out to leads in the playoffs. They’ve scored first in five of their six playoff games and have carried a lead into the third period in four of their six games. The only catch is all four of those games have gone past regulation when the Vees led after forty-minutes. It’s I guess kind of catch twenty-two. You’re happy to see this team win three of those four games and bounce back after some late game troubles, but you’re slightly concerned how difficult the Vees have made things for themselves. Well, I think it’s more of a reflection on the quality of opponent their facing and the fact this is playoff hockey. The stakes get higher and teams are that much more desperate. Talking with a couple of Vees this morning, they’re aware of the need to put their opponent away; foster that killer instinct. We’ve seen it from this team just last Monday, when they routed the West Kelowna Warriors 7-0 in game five. I’m not saying that they need to score that many goals but bring that same type of attitude to game two.


  1. Discipline: An obvious key after the Vipers took three first period penalties, one being a four-minute penalty; they were short-handed for almost eight minutes of the first. Their penalty-killed conceded two goals and they went down twice by two goals on Vees power-play markers. Vernon wants to play with an edge but I’m sure the message will be walking the line when doing so. I thought a couple of their key players let their emotions get the better of them in game one and that’s where we saw some penalty issues. Four minors isn’t a whole heckuva lot but the timing of their penalties last night might be a sore spot. Look at the Vees third goal; it came on a power-play after a Viper was called for goalie interference. Vernon success rides on them keeping this game, series five-on-five.
  2. Balanced Approach: Vernon’s top-line was dangerous Saturday but they’ll need a little bit more from the three other lines. Liam Finlay’s line did get a goal from Anthony Latina but outside of that marker, I thought they were quitter than usual. The Vipers might want a bit more out of that trio of Finlay, Latina and Williamson tonight. Especially if the Vees will be keying on the Aldworth, Coughlin, Dumonceaux line. Even the line of Brandt, Voltin and McCarthy had their chances in game one and those three could be a difference maker in game two.
  3. Split: Realistically, a split would be great for the Vipers, and then they take back the home ice advantage going into games three and four. They’ve won at the SOEC once this season, that back on February 11th; they know it’s possible. A win tonight and they can quickly forget about last night’s overtime setback. Some coaches believe in momentum, others don’t but I think the vibe is a whole lot better going home on the bus with a win, rather looking at a 2-0 deficit and feeling the pressure of needing a win in game three.


Vernon Vipers (4-0-0-1) (36-18-1-3, 2nd in Interior)

Penticton Vees (5-0-0-1) (44-9-3-2, 1st in Interior)

GM 2 Venue: SOEC

GM 2 Face-Off: 6pm

Season Series: Oct 17th 3-1 Vees, Oct 25th 1-0 Vees, Nov 14th 4-2 Vees, Dec 5th 4-3 Vees, Jan 2nd 3-0 Vees, Feb 11th 2-1 Vipers, Feb 27th 3-2 Vees.

Playoff Series Schedule

Game 1: 4-3 Vees (2 OT)

Game 2: March 15th (SOEC) 6pm

Game 3: March 17th (Kal-Tire Place) 7pm

Game 4: March 18th (Kal-Tire Place) 7pm

Game 5* March 20th (SOEC) 7pm

Game 6* March 21st (Kal-Tire Place) 6pm

Game 7* March 22nd (SOEC) 6pm

* If necessary

Vees Season Record vs. Vernon: 6-1-0-0

 Home Record (Regular Season / Playoffs): 25-3-1-0 / 2-0-0-1

Vees Record vs. Interior Division: 26-7-1-1

Vees Leading Scorer: Patrick Newell 16-31-47

Vees Playoff Scoring:

Demico Hannoun 2-5-7           Matt Serratore 3-1-4              Riley Alferd 1-1-2

Dakota Conroy 3-3-6               Gabe Bast 1-3-4                      Mitch Newsome 1-1-2

Connor Chartier 3-3-6           Lewis Zerter-Gossage 1-3-4    Cody DePourcq 0-1-1

Miles Gendron 0-6-6               Dante Fabbro 2-1-3                 Steen Cooper 0-1-1

Tyson Jost 4-1-5                      Patrick Newell 1-2-3               Mike Lee 0-1-1

Jarod Hilderman 0-5-5            Jack Ramsey 2-0-2               Patrick Sexton 0-1-1                                

Playoff Goaltending vs. West Kelowna                              

Hunter Miska GP 6 5-1-0 / 1.82 GAA / .943 SV %


Vees Regular Season Scoring vs. Vernon:

Dante Fabbro 1-5-6                Matthew Serratore 2-1-3     Dakota Conroy 1-0-1
Demico Hannoun 4-1-5           Jack Ramsay 1-2-3
Tyson Jost 2-3-5                      Patrick Sexton 0-2-2
Gabe Bast 1-4-5                      Cody DePourcq 1-1-2
Lewis Zerter-Gossage 2-2-4    Steen Cooper 1-1-2
Patrick Newell 0-4-4               Mike Lee 0-2-2
Riley Alfred 1-2-3                   Mitch Newsome 1-0-1


Goaltending vs. Vernon:

Hunter Miska GP 7 6-1-0 / 1.43 GAA / .956 SV % / 2 SO


Vees Situational Scoring (Regular Season / Playoffs):

Score 1st: 31-4-2-2 (4-0-0-1)                           Lead after 2nd: 39-2-1-1 (3-0-0-1)

Opposition Scores 1st: 13-5-2-0 (1-0-0-0)       Tied after 2nd: 4-2-2-1

Lead after 1st: 22-1-1-1 (4-0-0-0)                    Trail after 2nd: 3-5-0-0 (2-0-0-0)

Tied after 1st: 17-5-1-1 (1-0-0-1)                    More Shots: 38-9-0-1 (4-0-0-1)

Trail after 1st: 5-3-1-0                                     Outshot: 6-0-2-1 (1-0-0-0)

Shots Tied: 0-0-1-0


Vipers Regular Season Record vs. Penticton: 1-6-0-0

Vipers Road Record (Regular Season / Playoffs): 15-12-0-2 / 2-0-0-0

Vipers Record vs. Interior Division: 20-13-1-1

Vipers Leading Scorer: Liam Finlay 23-41-64

Vipers Playoff Scoring:

Thomas Aldworth 4-1-5          Mitch Meek 0-2-2

Liam Finlay 2-3-5                    Jagger Williamson 0-2-2

TJ Dumonceaux 1-3-4             Luke Voltin 1-0-1

Liam Coughlin 0-4-4               Blaine Caton 1-0-1

Anthony Latina 2-1-3              Mackenzie Bauer 0-1-1

Riley Guenther 1-3-4              Johnny Coughlin 0-1-1

Riley Brandt 2-0-2                   Brandon Egli 0-1-1

Colton McCarthy 1-1-2           Ken Citron 0-1-1

Vipers Playoff Goaltending vs. Penticton

Danny Todosychuk GP 1 0-0-0 / 1.05 GAA / .970 SV %

Jarrod Schamerhorn GP 5 4-1-0 / 2.47 GAA / .908 SV % / 1 SO


Vipers Regular Season Scoring vs. Penticton:

Thomas Aldworth 5-0-5          Luke Shiplo 0-1-1
TJ Dumonceaux 1-3-4            Luke Voltin 1-0-1
Liam Finlay 0-4-4                    Jagger Williamson 1-0-1
Liam Coughlin 0-3-3               Riley Brandt 0-1-1
Anthony Latina 2-1-3              Riley Guenther 0-1-1
Mitch Meek 0-1-1
Goaltending vs. Penticton:

Danny Todosychuk GP 3 1-2-0 / 2.02 GAA / .938 SV %

Jarrod Schamerhorn GP 4 0-4-0 / 2.78 GAA / .923 SV %


Vipers Situational Scoring (Regular Season / Playoffs):

Score 1st: 24-3-1-1 (3-0-0)                               Lead after 2nd: 25-2-0-1 (4-0-0)

Opposition Scores 1st: 12-16-0-2 (1-0-0-1)     Tied after 2nd: 7-2-0-0

Lead after 1st: 18-2-1-1 (1-0-0)                       Trail after 2nd: 4-14-1-1 (0-0-0-1)

Tied after 1st: 11-7-0-0 (2-0-0)                        More Shots: 30-12-0-2 (3-0-0)

Trail after 1st: 7-9-0-2 (1-0-0-1)                      Outshot: 5-5-1-1 (1-0-0-1)

Shots Tied: 1-1-0-0

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