Vees Sink Clippers, Start Round-Robin Off with A Win



  • Impressed by the response from the Vees after trailing by a goal in the first period. They found another gear in the second (I’ve said that a few times this season), got the lead and never looked back. The Nanaimo goal was somewhat against the flow of play in the first and the Vees were just in the Clippers end and had a scoring chance before the visitors came back down the other way and scored. The Vees didn’t let a first period deficit sidetrack them and they kept pressing and were rewarded with four unanswered goals.
  • At this juncture of the post-season, the tiniest of things can separate teams, the littlest of mistakes and we saw that in the first. The one blemish the Vees had unfortunately ended up in the back of their net. Nanaimo was making a change when they rushed up ice and Cole Maier found a soft spot in the slot. The opportunity arose when the Vees defender stumbled trying to pursue Anthony Rinaldi, who eventually spotted Maier. Hard to criticize the Vees because they were trying to back-check, maybe back-checking too hard; hard to harp on their commitment to defense. Good to see the Vees put that one error behind them and come back and win.
  • That second period was the turning point, as the Vees had a lot pressure in the Nanaimo end. Seemed to me they made a noticeable effort to put pressure on their D and that forced turnovers. Riley Alferd’s goal was off some good fore-check work down-low and he eventually wheeled-out from behind the net and then tucked in his own rebound. The Vees play below the circles in the offensive end created plenty of chances for them.
  • Take it one step back and the early turning point was Dante Fabbro scoring early in the second and just as a power-play was expiring. Remember, the Vees couldn’t capitalize on a four-minute power-play in the first but basically got the job done on the Fabbro goal. As the penalized Nanaimo player stepped on the ice, Fabbro darts down the middle and let’s go a deceiving snap-shot that beats Guillaume Decelles over the blocker-side. Building now alive, Vees are feeling it and a “switch” seemed to be flipped after that goal.
  • Going back to Alferd, a big-time effort on the 2-1 goal to spin out from behind the net, then find the puck in skates in front and quickly, as being cross-checked down, to go backhand, fore-hand and tuck the puck around the Eiffel Tower that is Decelles leg. That’s three goals in five games for “Alfie” and a measure of revenge after his line was on for the goal-against in the first period. He was also good in the circle and had this determined shift in the third where he was playing keep away against several Clippers. He was engaged Wednesday. Big goal late too because the Vees are 5-2 in the playoffs when leading after two; after last night they’re 6-2. They were just 3-5 in the regular season when down going into the third. Clutch.
  • Miles Gendron, casually going about a three-point night and now has nine in 13 playoff games. Yes, all second assists last night but that’s because he starting the play with a great outlet pass; underrated skill at this level. He also had a couple of scoring chances, the best coming in the first when he danced into the slot but his snapper was just fought-off by the Clippers goaltender. “Gendy” is now a team-best +13 after last night and his confidence is at a all-time high; very deserving of the first star.
  •  Hunter Miska, going about his business stopping 27 of 28 shots. It of course was anything but casual, as he was hit four times last night, three which were actually called penalties. Now after last night’s game, the opposition has taken five goaltender interference penalties in the last eight games. Nanaimo’s Jacob Jackson paid the ultimate price, as he took the second goalie interference penalty and is now automatically suspended one game under the Junior ‘A’ Supplement. Big blow, as that’s Nanaimo’s first-line left-winger. Miska has had to put up with a lot in the playoffs but he doesn’t let it get him rattled. It’s as if it makes him that much better; more focused. I guess teams should be careful when they poke the bear.
  • Speaking of Miska, a great observation by broadcast partner Trevor Miller during warm-up. We were watching the Vees go through their pre-game routine and it always ends with a game of “rebound.” Basically the team gathers around the net, standing around the crease, and they try to jam the puck past Miska. One problem, he doesn’t let them score. Like, ever. Most teams do this drill and it ends after a few seconds and the team breaks up for one last skate around. Not the Vees. Miska just keeps the puck out, with any part of his body. I bring this up because I’ve never seen a goalie battle that hard and Trevor said that maybe it was a sign that the Vees puck-stopper was “dialed in.” He was right.
  • Great to see the power-play get a goal and on that particular power-play in the third. Not only did Dakota Conroy’s snipe put the game on ice but it was on a power-play after Jackson’s goalie interference penalty. It would be easy for the Vees to go after the Clippers and seek retribution with their fists, but they showed a lot of composure and maturity by doing all the damage on the scoreboard. That goal doesn’t go unnoticed by Miska, who sees his team get payback the best way possible: on the scoreboard.
  • Have to acknowledge the crowd once more, as over 24-hundred showed up for a Wednesday round-robin game. Impressive. It was another great atmosphere and the fans sounded louder than 24-hundred; they were fired up. Also I love the new wrinkle when the Vees score. The SOEC kills the house lights and fires up blue spot lights and it looks so good. Players are celebrating, music is going and it creates an awesome atmosphere; nice touch.

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One Response to Vees Sink Clippers, Start Round-Robin Off with A Win

  1. Jean Mitchell says:

    “Awesome AttItude” indeed, + I can imagine even awesommer from ur view way up there!
    We fans Luv the Vees!
    And the Vees Luv Us!

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